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QuickBooks Payroll for small and medium businesses is an efficient tool that allows users to perform several tasks right from one single platform. It is a powerful tool that serves all major purposes of a business, including financial accounts, employee payroll, and taxes, etc. There are more uses of the QuickBooks Payroll tool with regards to accounting and making payments to different individuals and maintaining reports.

QuickBooks Payroll update: Overview

The necessity of QuickBooks Payroll update arises due to the various new developments in software technology. The QuickBooks Payroll update is released frequently by Intuit. For users who have an active QuickBooks Desktop Payroll subscription and the version of QuickBooks that is supported, receives necessary updates based on the version of the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll software tool.

QuickBooks Payroll update support: Latest version

QuickBooks Payroll update includes important and most crucial features that are necessary for the functioning of the software application tool. There are, however, many different sections of updates for QuickBooks Payroll. The updates may be made available to users quarterly or annually.

The latest QuickBooks Payroll update was released on February 15, 2018, for all QuickBooks Payroll users. Technically speaking, a software application becomes obsolete over time and is either updated with new features in order to work effectively, or it may be replaced by an alternate application. However, the latter is very rare. Therefore, to keep the software application alive and fully operational, it needs to be updated.

QuickBooks Payroll update is usually an automatic process, where the software tool connects to the manufacturer’s server via the internet for receiving new updates. It should be noted that updates may sometimes include:

  • Feature updates
  • Introducing new elements
  • Payroll tax forms
  • Federal and state tax tables
  • Physical payment options
  • Electronic payment options
  • Reports options
  • Application integration updates

With the latest release of the QuickBooks Payroll update, users are provided the following:

Tax table updates

The tax tables allow users to calculate federal and state taxes. These taxes are prevalent in the United States. As per the latest updates, the tax table now includes new withholding tables for regions such as Missouri and Oregon.

Another tax table update has been released, which includes other changes. This update includes the changes for the Hawaii region.

The various updates which are included in the tax tables for QuickBooks Payroll consist of a new wage limit for Social Security taxes, new withholding tables for business owners who are based in California, New York, Maine, South Carolina, and Minnesota, and few other changes for other regions of different nations.

Tax forms updates

The tax forms updates have released updates for federal forms in the QuickBooks Standard edition, while updates for both federal and state forms were released for QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll edition for Accountants.

E-file and Pay updates

For business owners who use the QuickBooks Payroll edition business software tool, new updates have been released which includes updated e-filing options as an improvement. This QuickBooks Payroll update for the year 2018 has been made available to some of the few regions such as Arizona, Mississippi, Michigan, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Alabama, Massachusetts and many more regions in the United States.

These QuickBooks Payroll updates help in the proper functioning of your QuickBooks Payroll business software tool. You may also note here that whenever a new update is released for your edition of QuickBooks, you receive a notification which is displayed on the product’s interface page.

Updating your QuickBooks with QuickBooks Payroll update

QuickBooks Payroll update receives different updates based on the user’s location or country. For example, business owners who are from Canada and use QuickBooks Payroll will receive relevant updates and it will be different from that of the business owners who are based in Australia and also use QuickBooks Payroll.

Payroll by Intuit is easily integrated with the QuickBooks Desktop Online edition, which is used by many small businesses. When you are running the QuickBooks Payroll toll on your desktop computer, you can download the updates as they are released by Intuit. Since the tool is configured to receive updates automatically, you do not have the need for manually updating your QuickBooks Payroll tool.

The updates are made available once in a few months or once every year. It could also contain some crucial updates other than the features for QuickBooks Payroll for your business.

Sometimes, you get the version update for your QuickBooks Payroll, and other times you are provided with minor updates and some new improvements to the software application tool. In general, keeping your QuickBooks Payroll business tool up-to-date is important. It ensures that there are no flaws in the software tool when being operated by users.

Thus, the QuickBooks Payroll update is necessary for its smooth functioning. You may also approach the QuickBooks experts to help you out with updating your QuickBooks Payroll edition.

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