Quickbooks Payroll

When you are managing a small or medium business and are involved in trading certain products or services to your consumers, adapting to new technological methods might make your business flourish. Also, with the help of new technological advances, it could become simpler in managing the staff members or employees who work for you.

QuickBooks Payroll is basically an important aspect in business. Business owners have to manage their employees and their remuneration. Thus, in order to make this task convenient as well as efficient, implementation of a software application is worth the deal.

QuickBooks Payroll services from Intuit

Integration of Intuit Payroll with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is a way of managing payroll for your business employees.

A business that manages its employees’ wages by maintaining manual ledgers is often a hectic task and consumes a lot of time as well as effort in keeping the payroll accurate. This system of manual maintenance can be replaced by a computer software system, which is a lot more efficient.

Therefore, to perfectly accomplish this, Intuit developed a financial software, popularly known as QuickBooks. QuickBooks can be referred to as an all-around financial management software application, which not only helps in maintaining important ledger accounts, it can easily integrate employee payroll and tax.

Having an online payroll service for your small or medium business could be a reliable solution. Intuit’s Payroll service often comes in the following three types:

Basic Payroll

The Basic Payroll service includes some of the important tasks that the service can possibly do. The various tasks that are performed by the basic version of the Intuit Payroll service are:

  • Integration with QuickBooks Desktop Online
  • Easy management of pay-checks
  • Payment by check or direct deposit
  • Pay to W-2 employees
  • Use of free direct deposit
  • Print checks for free
  • Includes Payroll tax forms
  • Customer support via phone, chat, and e-mail

2. Enhanced Payroll

Similar to the basic Payroll, the enhanced version of Intuit Payroll contains all the services of the basic Payroll, plus the edition includes some more services, such as:

  • Making payments to 1099 contractors
  • Electronic pay-check filing for W-2 employees at year-end
  • Printing W-2 pay-checks for employees
  • Automatic tax calculations
  • Payroll tax forms
  • Includes Federal tax forms
  • Includes state tax forms
  • Electronic filing and payment for payroll

3. Assisted Payroll

The Assisted Payroll sedition is a combination of both the basic edition and the enhanced edition, respectively. Here, you get all the services in a single package. Since, the Assisted Payroll contains the services that are offered by its two editions, the additional services that come included in this package are:

  • Includes enhanced payroll setup and configuration
  • Includes professionals who can file and pay taxes for you
  • Little or no tax penalties
  • Year-end forms included for free

QuickBooks Payroll is a subscription-based software service. The features that are included in it are enabled upon successful activation and it also enables the required features of the edition that you have chosen to be suitable for your business.

The features that are given above for each edition of the QuickBooks Payroll service are distinct from each other. Since QuickBooks Payroll service is not compatible with the Mac version of QuickBooks, therefore, there is another Payroll add-on for Mac users, called the Intuit Online Payroll. This Intuit Online Payroll is basically a standalone software application for small and medium businesses. Thus, Mac users can use this standalone software for managing their employees and their remuneration.